P. Edronkin

Survival tales: trapped at 4.000 metres (II).

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Both in Argentina and in Chile it was known that these travellers were lost, but in the middle of the storm and at such altitudes, no search and rescue efforts were really possible. Authorities on each side of the border usually share information on travellers going either way in order to be able to react if anything happens.

Eventually, two of the passengers decided to return to Argentina in order to report the incident, but without proper equipment or training, and weakened after days of surviving there, they never made it to the nearest border outpost and were never seen again. It is likely that being unable to differentiate the road from anything else, they lost their way, got lost and died.

Soon afterwards, another traveller began walking alone towards the west, reaching a Chilean military garrison after what he later described as a gruelling journey.

The rest of the occupants were rescued in a couple of hours, after enduring 17 days trapped under the snow.

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