P. Edronkin

Survival tales: murder at Wulaia (II).

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He went uphill, to the mountains in order to hide. The Indians would not go far away from the shores and that bought him some time to reassess his situation.

By staying there he thought he was safe, but had to descend back to the channel during the night in order to seek for some water and food.

After a couple of weeks, however, he was captured by some Indians who took all his clothing and began plucking all his facial hair off one by one, using a couple of sea shells as tweezers. Then they decided to spare his life and gave him some food.

From then on, the Indians did not molest him anymore, but he was left totally naked and without any kind of possessions.

He retreated again to the mountains, where he thought that he was safer from further molesting and survived in such a way for six months after he was rescued.

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