P. Edronkin

Survival tales: accident in Tierra del Fuego (I).

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During the summer of 1989 I was travelling by truck across the Garibaldi Pass across the Fuegian Andes, in my way between Rio Grande City, in northern Tierra del Fuego, and Ushuaia.

At dusk (around 10:00 PM in that time of the year), after a curve in the forest we saw a car turned upside down, with smoke and vapour coming from it.

Inside, we found a young woman with a baby who were unable to get out of it, and after checking that they had no serious injuries, we decided to take them out of the car thorough one of the broken windows which still was somewhat in shape.

Checking that they had no serious wounds was a precaution. In some cases, rescuers attempt to extract a person from a given place only to make the situation worsen significantly due to destabilisation of injuries.

Then we turned the car back to its original position and saw that despite the fact that all windows were broken, some pieces of glass were as far as a hundred metres away.

While we were giving these people some first-aid treatment, the woman told us that a wind gust blew up the windshield, and still while the car was moving, a second one took it off the road and turned it upside down.

Since she said that she carried her safety belt fastened and her son was on the backseat, they were not expelled from the moving vehicle.

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