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'If you are an online entrepreneur you are likely waiting for profits and know how hard it can be sometimes to achieve just one sale. However, you may not be acquainted with the fact that your website might already represent a nice value despite everything else.'

Making money online is not just earning cash; it is a concept really more vast than what most entrepreneurs think.

Indeed, earning hard cash is important, but as any smart businessperson knows, the development of your working capital is also important and can - to a certain extent - become a factor of considerable weight in your activity, and at times, even more transcendent than making actual direct profits.

In other words, sometimes it can be easier - and thus, convenient - to develop an interesting working capital of significant value than increasing sales immediately, and while this should be your ultimate objective, it is not likely that you will achieve it overnight.

On the contrary: to reach such a point you have to do a lot, perform many tasks and suffer endless trouble, but among those duties, the development of a sizable working capital is not really a problem, but an opportunity.

Your working capital is the sum of the tools that you use in your daily work, and in terms of internet marketing, it includes your website as your 'real-estate.'

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