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This property has its own value, more or less independently from what you offer to the public or how much do you really sell in the same way that a building designed for commercial purposes has a value independently from the actual operations that take place inside it every day, and while earning cash is what you are after here, increasing the value of your properties is not a bad proposition at all and should be considered.

Or is it the case that you would reject something that has a significant value just because it is not presented ostensibly as cash to you?

What is really fascinating is the fact that knowing how websites are appraised in terms of their value allows you to increase your own working capital with little or no investment. It is like having your own printer to make your own money!

The fact that it is you who build the site is of no concern to the appraiser as long as the website is well constructed and meets certain guidelines, much as who actually erected a house is of no consequence to a real-estate appraiser a long as it has been built properly.

To take notice about that fact is mandatory in order to conceive sensible, long-term strategic plans, because as an independent businessperson you should consider all options, including the possibility of selling your site in the future.

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