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After all, obtaining a good sum for your real-estate is to reach success too! However, if you don't take certain steps, that will likely never happen.

The elements that add the most value to a website are, aside from sales, its specific content volume, its domain name and its traffic.

Content is fundamental because it is what distinguished one site from another and is the reason for web surfers to visit any site. Without content your site has scant, if any value. Thus, you must become a content producer in order to transform yourself into the producer of your own wealth.

A good domain name matters as web because it is a hook with which your site will drag visitors to its content. A clear, descriptive and concise name, with few letters is most appreciated.

If your domain name identifies your site and associates its name with the kind of content that it offers, you have a winner.

Andinia.com is the domain name of the vertical-market search engine that I manage. It is a site that targets a specific audience of outdoor sports fans and adventurers. The name is descriptive in the sense that suggests what the site is about, it is brief (just seven letters), and it is a name understandable and easy to pronounce in many languages.

Do you know how mach those letters are worth? In September 2000 it was officially appraised at around US$ 45.000. Not bad for seven letters, and what's more: the overall value of the site is not just that, because you have to add its traffic and content as well, and both these factors have quadrupled ever since.

The Search Engine for Exploration, Survival and Adventure Lovers - Andinia.com