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10 Rules To Respect While Working Independently (I).

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'Working on your own is not easy because it is not easy to deal with oneself after being told what to do for years. Learn how to really become your own boss.'

Here are a few tips for online workers and business owners who are just starting up. This is just a brief list, but it contains, I think some ideas that will help you to fight some of the worst habits of independence. I learned them the hard way while putting up my own online business:

1)- There is no easy way to riches. Forget the hype. The Internet looks more like a casino that a serious thing, at times. Money never comes easily, and if you want to grasp a bit of it, you will have to work hard.

2)- You should take your home job or business seriously. Remember that any job is serious. You don't have a boss anymore to tell you what you do. Did you hate that? Now it's your chance to prove that you were right.

3)- You should follow a schedule. Discipline is even more important than in a regular job because now you are the decision-maker.

4)- Develop your own product or service. You can use affiliate programs as a way to initiate yourself, or as a supplement for your activity, but all programs, including very good ones have a lot of affiliates which are, in reality, your competitors. By developing your own product or service, you are only making your life easier in the long run

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