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10 Rules To Respect While Working Independently (II).

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5)- Take your time to learn. Every successful business owner or leader studies every day. Take courses, visit seminars, and improve your abilities. This is not only spiritually enlightening, but a necessity, because being a business owner means that you have to take advantage of opportunities in order to succeed, and in order to do that, you should know how.

6)- Answer quickly and regularly all inquiries. This is not like calling your grandmother. You can't leave this issue for tomorrow. If you want to succeed, you should consider that if you don't answer quickly, the customer has no reason to wait for you, and with a click of a mouse, it will find one of your competitors.

7)- Develop your own website. Having an online presence makes things easier, but it should be a serious presence. Remember that your business cards, brochures and your website too are the multiple faces of your business. If they look cheap, then you look cheap.

8)- Focus. Don't try to do everything at once. Don't try to be everyone at once for everybody. Don't try to sell twenty totally different things at the same time. Develop a schedule and follow it. Develop a 'corporate' identity and stick to it. Find a product, sell it well, and only when you achieve that, you may pick up another one. You should become a results-driven, methodic individual.

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