P. Edronkin

Self-Discipline As Your Engine For Success (II).

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History shows a lot of examples concerning success and self-discipline; even under devastating circumstances, some people and some societies seem to survive and thrive, while others, under much better ostensible environmental conditions, falter. This has certainly to do with the use that they do of their motivations.

Even the Greeks found out that armies should be ideally comprised by friends who would fight to the last in order to protect each other; the battle for the Thermopylae is a classical example of the use of this doctrine.

The issue is that the overall efficiency of an individual or even a whole group of people who are motivated in such a fashion is much higher than what can be observed in groups which follow a more traditional role model, with bosses overseeing subordinates who, in turn oversee yet more people.

Such traditional social systems are ultimately based o fear, while self-discipline rests on the certainty that each member of the group feels regarding his or her objectives, and it is well-known that when we do something for ourselves we tend to do it much better than if we do the same thing for others.

In order to achieve a high degree of autodiscipline within a group, it is mandatory that the needs of the whole group as an entity are transformed or adapted into individual needs. Every member should feel engaged.

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