P. Edronkin

Self-Discipline As Your Engine For Success (III).

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To start with, interests of all parties should be already similar and using that core, the leader of the group should attempt to approach all these ends even more, paying particular attention to express how the achievement of the group's goals will benefit every single individual that belongs to it.

Another important difference between imposition models and self-discipline is the way in which responsibility is assumed as a concept by each member. This has a direct bearing on the group's reaction speed.

If discipline is imposed, whenever the boss is not present, subordinates wait. They don't want to overstep prerogatives and will not assume responsibilities which are not clearly stipulated beforehand.

On the other hand, in groups characterised by a self-discipline model, subordinates share their mission's concept with their boss, and since their motivations are personal and not just contractual, they will assume new responsibilities if the situation demands prompt decisions.

Thus, organisations based on such a role model tend to react faster, multiplying their force, and that allows for a better protection in the case of a threat, and what is more important, to grasp opportunities with greater speed and zeal.

You can read more about this topic at http://www.andinia.com/orgsen.shtml

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Starting new projects, is one of the strategic needs of
any serious corporation. Creativity is what counts most.
But you should not forget about your self-discipline.

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