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An Explanation Of The Failure Of Many Internet Ventures (II).

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Let's put it in another way: a couple of minutes ago I tried to get online because I wanted to upload some files to my website, and guess what? I couldn't.

Now it is Friday, at 5:49 AM here in Buenos Aires. I got up early in order to upload these files just before the rush hour and before companies begin to use the web for their daily work. In other words, I got up before dawn in order to work more efficiently but here I am, letting my destiny be altered and my schedule thrown overboard by a server's menstrual fever, wherever that server might be.

After a couple of tries, I found out that this time it was my ISP's fault. Sometimes is your computer, other times is your ISP, a node in Nigeria, a sleepy Webmaster in Mongolia, or whatever; but the fact remains that webmasters, marketers, programmers, surfers and all those folks who use the web face such problems much too often, and I think that this should be considered as part of the overall equation that causes the demise of so many online ventures again and again, directly or indirectly.

Yes, you can change your ISP. Mine is not particularly bad. You can change your host, mine isn't bad either. But the real problem does not lie with particular companies which, after all, could and should improve in order to compete and survive.

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