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An Explanation Of The Failure Of Many Internet Ventures (III).

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The problem is related to the lack of responsibility that permeates every single online thing; just look at the fine print of every contract: somewhere it says 'we are not responsible for the loss of...whatever.' In our real world it means that you pay them and they are not responsible for not providing the service, and even if they do their best, someone can still turn things upside down and you end, well, offline.

Your hands are tied, their hands are tied and everybody's hands are tied too because since one is dependent from the other, local problems become systemic.

Yes, you can wait a couple of hours and try again, but that doesn't cut either. Why do I have to wait if I am paying, anyway? Can you imagine yourself going to a local shop near your home and the owner telling you 'Come back later' two or three times in a row. Now, put yourself into an average consumer's shoes: If a shop gives you too much trouble, you end going somewhere else, and that is what happens with surfers. If they face too many fears and too many problems online, they won't buy.

Why? Because the web is - frankly speaking - unreliable, untrustworthy, and leaves a lot to be desired.

Do you think that someone is going to send his or her credit card number even to a reputable online business after a whole day of interrupted services, 404 errors and such stuff appearing on the screen? My mother didn't, last week, and most people won't, ever, and they don't care who is at fault. They don't care about ISP's, hosts, secure layers and so on. They perceive that the faulty thing is the web itself.

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