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Through proper diet, exercise, counseling, medical treatment, and nutritional supplements, many of the unpleasant aspects of menopause can be minimized, if not eliminated.

Traditional western medicine often limits women with menopausal symptoms to two choices; (1) hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) with medications containing progesterone and estrogen, or; (2) suffer in silence and 'live with it.' Dietary modifications and nutritional supplements offer a third alternative. A number of foods and herbs are sources of natural plant estrogens. These herbs and foods are known as Phytoestrogens, and can be very helpful in the treatment of menopausal symptoms.

Foods containing natural estrogens include alfalfa, almonds, anise seed, apples, barley beets, cabbage, carrots, chickpeas, clover, corn, cucumbers, fennel, flaxseeds, garlic, green beans, green squash, hops, licorice, oats, papaya, parsley, peas, plums, potatoes, pumpkin, red beans, red clover, rhubarb, rice, rye, sage, sesame seeds, soybean, soy bean sprouts, split peas, squash, sunflower seeds, walnuts, wheat, and yams. A medical review of over 600 studies concluded that phytoestrogens exhibit physiological changes in humans and estrogenic changes in postmenopausal women.

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