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Product description: Super Energy Plus (I).

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Super Energy Plus, Advanced Energy Formula.

No Caffeine or Ephedrine!

Fight fatigue.

Increase stamina.

Be more productive.

Get more out of life.

Energy is an integral part of good health. Diminished energy causes our health to suffer and our spirits to weaken. Everyone occasionally suffers from fatigue. However, if you have suffered from disabling fatigue for over six months, you are advised to visit a health care practitioner to determine if you have chronic fatigue syndrome. In most cases fatigue is not a disorder but rather symptomatic of insufficient sleep, poor diet, lack of exercise, overwork, exposure to environmental toxins, stress, and lack of vital nutrients.

The fist step in treating fatigue is to identify what elements in your life are depleting your energy level. In our fast paced technological world, many of us get caught up in highly stressful situations. Oftentimes, simple rest allows our bodies to recuperate. Lack of exercise may also be a culprit responsible for diminished energy.

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