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It is a plant of the ergot family and is a traditional Chinese herbal remedy for increasing energy and vitality. (Zhu, X. Immunosupressive effect of cultured Cordyceps sinensis on cellular immune response. Chinese Journal of Modern Developments in Traditional Medicine, 10:485-487, 4540. 1990).

Rhodiola Extract is known as a powerful adaptogen. Adaptogens are plant substances that help the body adapt to stress by increasing the ability of cells to manufacture and use cell fuel more efficiently. Other adaptogens include Korean Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, Schisandra, and Aswagandha.

Rhodiola is associated with improved memory, muscle recovery after exercise, and stress reduction. (Petrov V.D., of alcohol aqueous extract from Rhodiola rosea roots on learning and memory. Acta Physiol Pharmacol Bulg: 12 (1): 3-16, 1986; Cheng X.J.

Studies on the hypoglycemic effect of Rhodiola sachalinensis A. Bor. Polysaccharides, Chung Kuo Tsa Chi (published in Chinese): 18(9), 575, September 1993; Maslova L.V, The carioprotective and antiadrenergic activity in an extract of Rhodiola rosea in stress. Ekp Klin Farmakol (Published in Russian): 57(6): 61-3, Nov-Dec, 1994).

Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng) has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to bolster the immune system and invigorate the body in times of fatigue. Recent human studies confirm the benefits of Korean Ginseng. (See D.M., Broumand N., Sahl L.M., Tilles J.G.

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