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Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) is a woody vine with clusters of bright red berries. Traditional Chinese medicine used Schisandra or Wui-we-zi for a host of medical problems including common colds, coughs, insomnia, liver ailments, and exhaustion.

Recent clinical studies support the use of Schisandra to increase energy and reduce fatigue. ( Foster S., Yue C.X., Herbal Emissaries: Bringing Chinese Herbs to the West. Rochester, VT. Healing Arts Press, 146-52 1992).

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is an adrenal tonic that increases energy. Since ancient times it has been used as a food as well as for medicinal purposes. Licorice contains glycyrrhizin, which has anti-inflammatory properties. (Newhall c. ET.AL. Herbal Medicines: A guide for healthcare professionals. London. Pharmaceutical Press, 183-184, 1996).

Stress, over an extended period of time, places a burden on the adrenal glands. The best remedy is rest; however, licorice may also be helpful as it supports glucocorticoid function. A multi- vitamin containing vitamin C, B-6, and E may also assist in maintaining healthy adrenal function.

Super Energy Plus is manufactured in the United States under exacting health standards and regulations. Each ingredient is tested for purity before it is utilized. Please read About Us for detailed information on our rigid quality control process. All MD Healthline products carry an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

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