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Product description: Advanced Diet Formula (I).

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Advanced diet formula

Risks of Obesity:

Scientific studies clearly indicate that obesity is linked to increased sickness and death rates. Hypertension, elevated levels of cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, gall bladder disease, back pain, arthritis, abnormal pulmonary function, and sleep apnea are physical problems intensified by obesity. The health risks of being overweight may be prevented by achieving and maintaining an ideal body weight.

What is ideal body weight?

The most common measurement of obesity is based on the use of the Body Mass Index (BMI) scale. The BMI is the ratio of weight over height squared. The American Institute for Cancer Research's guidelines require a person to maintain a BMI of between 18.5 and 25. This is considered to be within ideal body weight range. A BMI between 25 to 27 presents a potential health risk and a BMI above 30 is considered to be a significant health risk.

Why Advanced Diet Formula?

Achieving and maintaining an ideal body weight for life requires a combination of treatments. Behavior modification, proper diet, caloric intake, and exercise are the keys to long term weight management.

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