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Product description: Supreme Sleep Formula (III).

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Hops - (humulus lupulus) is famous as a relaxing and calming herb that makes it possible to fall asleep naturally. This plant is actually one of the oldest known plants used for preparing teas, tonics, beverages, and poultices. Hops have incredible holistic value. They have tonic, nervine, diuretic and anodiyne properties.

Their volatile oil produces sedative and soporific effects and the bitter principle is stomachic and tonic. For this reason, hops can improve the appetite and help promote sleep. Hop juice also cleanses the blood and has comparable benefits with Sarsaparilla

Skullcap- Skullcap was first brought to the attention of physicians in the West in 1772 as a cure for rabies. A New England physician claimed his experiments proved the herb prevented and cured 'hydrophobia.' Over the next hundred years, herbalists used skullcap as a digestive aid and tranquilizer.

Skullcap entered the U.S Pharmacopoeia in 1863 as a tranquilizer. It remained there until 1916, when it moved to the National Formulary, the pharmacists' reference, where it remained until 1947. Contemporary herbalists recommend skullcap as a tranquilizer for insomnia, nervous tensions, and premenstrual syndrome.

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