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Product description: Allergy Free Formula (I).

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Stop running nose and itching eyes. Get relief from seasonal allergies. Relieve distress of respiratory ailments. A botanical formulation for the symptomatic relief of hay fever, allergies, sinusitis, asthma, colds, and flu Safe, effective, with no adverse side effects.

Allergies result from a hypersensitivity to a specific substance (such as foods, pollens, animal dander, molds, spores, grasses, or dust mites) or a condition, such as heat or cold, which in similar amounts or degrees is harmless to most people.

It is manifested in a physiological disorder noted by nasal discharge, sneezing, itching, inflammation of mucus membranes, and difficulty breathing through the nose. One form of allergy, hay fever, is most often due to pollens, ragweed, and molds in late summer and fall.

Allergies are most often treated with antihistamines and by trying to remove or avoid contact with offending allergens. For example, a particular food can be avoided or a pet can be kept out of a bedroom. Some causes of allergies may be controlled by closing your windows or using the air conditioning. Other allergens, especially air born contaminants may be more difficult or impossible to control.

Immunotherapy is also a modality used for treating allergies. This consists of receiving injections of increasingly larger doses of the offending allergen. The theory is that the patient will build up a natural resistance to the substances that trigger the allergic reactions. This process is complex, costly, and not always successful.

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