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People and leaders (I).

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'Nothing shapes our journey through life so much as the questions we ask.'

- Greg Levoy.

In order to achieve many objectives, it is not enough to act individually, but it becomes necessary to get organised as a group, company and even societies and nations because while some objectives can be attained by individuals, it is much more convenient to do so as a whole in order to save on costs and efforts.

Other ends are only hardly attainable individually, or they even become impossible in practical, individual terms because the experience and resources required are not available.

On the other hand, there are individuals who are particularly competent or knowledgeable in specific areas of interest or topics and thus, it becomes a matter of common sense to recruit them or create a partnership.

However, given these factor it is nevertheless quite common to assume that having all components in place is enough to get things going, but this equals to thinking that given that corpses have the same physical components such as organs, muscles, etc. as living organisms, they should be remain alive as well.

In order to have an 'organism' it is necessary that these components work in harmony and completely. A tumour is composed by living cells, but grows in disorder and indeed, could become dangerous. Thus, it is not enough to have all the necessary pieces in place, and have them working, but it is mandatory to establish some form of directive force, much like a director is required to make a symphony out of the cacophony of an orchestra playing at random. These directors are what we call leaders.

In other words, while it is more productive to act co-ordinately and within a group, it is necessary to know how to organise such efforts, and for that, a special talent called leadership is required.

This talent will be briefly analysed in the following sections:

What is leadership?

What is a self-critique?

How credibility is achieved?

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