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People and leaders (IV).

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Any current political, financial or social problem is just a short-term issue. May be, it will become the topic of a future conversation despite its apparent importance today, because when all elements that form an organisation are placed under a more ample perspective, the capability to sustain long-term strategies and positive tendencies is the only thing that counts, and this depends directly from the available leadership skills.

The development of a sound leadership doctrine, and consequently, a standard of conduct, forms the basis over which competent organisations will educate their future managers and decision-makers. This is probably the single most important strategic step that a budding organisation will have to take, for without adequate leaders, resources and efforts will not be used efficiently and thus vital opportunities will certainly be lost.

About leadership many things can be said or written. However it is perhaps sufficient to say now that those leaders who are more successful base their behaviour on becoming role models and good examples for their subordinates.

In this sense, the cardinal rule of any aspiring leader should be: 'Don't ask for what you are not willing to give.'

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