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People and leaders (V).

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What is a self-critique?

You should not ask for what your are not willing to give. You should not pretend that others perform as you don't perform. This seems obvious, but we don't always realise that we are asking for the moon when we only deliver footballs. Sometimes we don't realise that we fall into such attitudes and we have to limit ourselves to recognising that we are not proceeding in the right way.

This means that a leader should be able and willing to accept critiques and observations, assimilate them as if they were their own, and finally correct any mistakes made.

We all fear for our self-esteem when we listen to critiques. We react instinctively and negatively to such comments, but ironically, the capability to accept such things is one of the qualities that defines a true leader. It is perhaps no coincidence that leaders in a true sense are so rare, given our natural resistance to critique ourselves.

Self-critique is an innate ability or acquired taste, but in any way, it is tightly related to leading by example and developing good role models for subordinates, partners and the public in general.

A leader who gives a good example to others not only stimulates subordinates by showing them that what he asks for is attainable, but also learns from his past mistakes automatically because the demand that such a person imposes to himself turns him into a good critic of his own deeds.

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