P. Edronkin

People and leaders (VII).

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How is credibility achieved?

Under difficult circumstances, the only tool available for a leader in order to persuade his subordinates to perform according to a plan may well be his own credibility. During survival situations and emergencies, experience shows that not even legal attributions or prerogatives are truly effective.

A leader who frequently abuses, lies and manipulates others will be able to maintain his position while factors such as his available force are kept stable, but whenever such elements change due to the surrounding environment and even fortuitous circumstances, such a leader faces a serious problem.

If you have a bad credit record, developed during years of mismanagement, it is likely that no one will lend you some money when you really need it.

In an analogous way, bad leaders waste their credibility and the respect that others may have until their own deeds cause their fall while everyone looks away.

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