Don Pablo Edronkin

The Nanotyrannus Weapons Family (III).

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A Nanotyrannus is divides into various subsystems: the CPU and the electronic components are stored inside the handgrip, which can be taken off or exchanged in just a matter of minutes. It can also be folded for storage.

The cannon subsystem (all Nanotyrannus are Gatling-type guns) can be easily detached from the firing chamber contained in the buttstock.

Aiming units tested include regular sights, amplification devices, laser devices and others. Energy is obtained in all cases from the main battery stored in the electronic subsystem's container. We even have more possible uses for laser devices, other than sighting and aiming, thanks to this particular configuration.

These batteries can be recharged by means such as solar cells, there is always a main source and an internal backup unit, and these can also be used for external output to devices such as torchlights, radio devices, or other weapons.

A Nanotyrannus is a lightweight weapon: at around 1,2 Kg (3 Lbs.), and with an inline, bullpup design, these weapons reach 60 centimetres, albeit there have been shorter and longer variants as well. This design makes the weapon manageable during full-auto fire, and the cadence is configurable as well.

All commercially-available weapons are heavier and take considerable space. A Nanotyrannus can be disassembled and reassembled in a matter of minutes, and for transportation purposes, it can be stored in a 20 or 30 cm. long backpack pocket or pouch.

There have been numerous versions of this system, including pistols, RC vehicles and machine pistols or submachine guns, but all recent models are capable of firing conventional ammunition as well as rockets and self-propelled devices such as flares, avalanche-producing grenades or booming signals, using the muzzle and with no need for special or blank cartridges.

A short-barrelled Nanotyrannus 7.3. con can corto.
A short-barrelled Nanotyrannus 7.3.

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