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The Nanotyrannus Weapons Family (IV).

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All these units can be networked using standard serial connections and carry integrated silencers and muzzle compensators.

We have even associated a couple of these weapons to infra-red sensors and servomechanisms in order to produce self-sufficient units capable of protecting a camp while we go to sleep.

Every single Nanotyrannus carries components recycled from older units and obsolete versions. By extrapolating as many concepts and components as we can, the development cycle of every new generation becomes noticeably shorter and cheaper.

In order to actually build a Nanotyrannus unit, 50 man-hours of handwork are required. There are no critical materials, and everything can be obtained at a hardware store. The required tools are reduced to a couple of screwdrivers, a pair of scissors, a wrench, a drill, an electrical metal saw and a welder, in order to make all the necessary connections.

All screws, bolts, etc. used are standard types also employed in other projects in order to prevent logistical problems. Thus, every Nanotyrannus unit can be used to make repairs even in the case of other systems, and vice versa.

The total number of Nanotyrannus produced during the years is significant, albeit once the successive generations become obsolete, units are disassembled and all the components recycled, stored or destroyed. We only conserve the most-recent version units, those of the last version as a reserve, and one or two units of other versions, for historical purposes.

However, these weapons are not for sale and are never distributed among the public. Only the explorers of The Gea Org. have access to them, and the techniques required to make some essential components are never divulged in order to prevent uncontrolled or unauthorized manufacture. We are aware that the Nanotyrannus is a weapon.

Aminig with a Nanotyrannus 8.2.
Aiming with a Nanotyrannus 8.2.

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