P. Edronkin

The man who became a King (II).

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This country occupied - at least in theory - all the continental territory located to the south of the 42 paralel, and the Indians seemed happy with their monarch, but in that vast territory which is approximately the same size than half of Western Europe, there was hardly any construction, not to mention towns or cities.

Today, this region, known as the Andean District, is still unexplored, but small towns and cities that mostly live from tourism are flourishing.

However, when Chilean and Argentine authorities saw that King Orellie had an army of more than 60,000, they knew that he meant business and soon managed to capture him before actual troubles started.

The King, however, returned on at least four more occasions to claim his throne, and one has to measure up the fact that these trips were made on a time when going from Europe to South America was a significant quest itself.

His family and friends turned their backs on him, his subjects found in alcoholic beverages an easy way to die, and his former adversaries found then no barriers in their race to the south.

He never relinquished his titles despite the fact that he was called insane, was tried and sent to prison, and suffered privations of all kinds until he finally died in obscurity.

This King did not leave us a legacy of epic battles or fortunes, but perhaps more than anyone or anything else, he symbolises the true spirit of the frozen desert that Patagonia is: useless at a glance, but obsessively infinite for the discerning eye.

The Bolson Valley, where the Kingdom's northern border supposedly was.
The Bolson Valley, where the Kingdom's northern border supposedly was.

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