P. Edronkin

The man who became a King (III).

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The ideas of this King are still remembered, while those of the sane people who detracted him are long forgotten since they were interred.

But, as paradoxical as Patagonia can be, according to International Law and the fact that many countries recognised its existence, states never perish or cease to exist, even if their territories are or remain occupied by foreign powers, and therefore, the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia still exists.

Crazy, dreamer or statesman? It is up to you, but this story really happened. Today, you can visit his grave in France, where the authorship of this strange adventure and his full title, recognized by the country where he was born, are written in stone.

Mount 42, at the centre of the Kingdom's northern border.
El Mount 42, at the centre of the Kingdom's northern border.

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