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Survival tips and advice: dehydration (IV).

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In order to find water, you should proceed as specified in other parts of this manual (see sections 2.2.6 and 2.4.4). The main goal of this particular section is to describe dehydration, its possible consequences and how to avoid it.

In order to do so, please consider the following: Avoid eating until you have secured a reasonably good source of water. You will not only suffer from thirst, but since metabolisation of food required water, you will not be properly nourished. Remember that you can live longer with no food than with no water. Water should not be rationed. You should take as much as possible on every occasion. Whenever you pass near a water source, take advantage of it, drink and store as much as you can in your canteen. Purify or potabilise all water before using it. Remember that if you don't do so, you may be taking into your body some very nasty parasites, even microscopic ones (, and some of these may kill you as well, so don't change one problem for another. Moreover: in some parts of the world - like equatorial Africa - you must boil or purify even the water that you will use to wash your body, because some parasites (Wuchereria bancrofti) may pass thorough the skin and enter your bloodstream, forming colonies that clog your blood vessels. These parasites may live for more than 15 years, and the only cure for this ailment means repeated surgery, so don't be lazy!

Ocean water is not potable.
Ocean water is not potable.

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