Don Pablo Edronkin

The Piolet and its Applications (Part V).

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"In order to safely transport a piolet, you should place it on the rear of your backpack in such a way that it does not rotate along is longitudinal axis, The shovel and main point should be covered whenever the tool is not in use and remain well attached to the main bulk of your pack.

When you use a piolet as a walking stick, it is preferably to carry the main pint backwards, so that if you fall and it rotates, it does not hurt you. On the other hand, if you fall, drop your piolet aside from you to avoid injuries.

Never gesticulate with a piolet in your hand. Don't revolve them in the air, throw it or use it in a menacing way. Be prudent. Don't play with piolets.

Searching for gold with a piolet.
You can use a piolet as a walking stick
and also to take pictures or lean yourself before
being photographied where you found gold at
a small Patagonian water stream.

Whenever you are working with a piolet, observe your surroundings. Nobody and nothing that could be hurt or damaged should stand nearby. Similar measures should be observed when working with knifes and machetes.

To learn morea about piolets, click here."

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