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Your Adventure Footwear (II).

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"However, these objections are based largely on the lack of habit regarding the usage of boots, and on its incorrect selection of adequate models. It is not just by coincidence that troops everywhere tend to use boots instead of other kinds of footwear.

First of all, never purchase used boots. Footwear tends to adapt with time to the shape of the feet of the owner. Thus, when you purchase an already used item, it will not be adapted to your feet and will not be easily adaptable either due to the loss of elasticity.

Second, you should not attempt to use leather footwear on trips and treks before wearing it before for a couple of weeks. In other words, never go into the wilderness with brand-new boots or shoes because you would be gambling with you own destiny.

This previous usage allows both your feet and your boots to adapt. If you don't respect this rule, your feet will hurt, you will suffer from blisters and your days outdoors will be quite miserable.

Una meseta patagónica, Chubut.
Rocky terrain, with loose peebles, dust and sharp stones
make it necessary to use boots.

Boots should never fit too tightly around your feet. You should have no trouble putting them on or taking them off. As a general rule for this problem (having a smaller than acceptable pair of boots), always purchase your boots during the afternoon - when your feet are a little bit swollen - and choose a size bigger than your feet."

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