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"The reason behind choosing bigger-than-normal boots is grounded on the fact that more often than not, you will be using your boots with thick socks due to low temperatures, excess of humidity, etc. remember that such socks require extra volume inside a boot.

Don't let your boots moisten. Water causes a lot of trouble, such as difficulties to put them on and taking them off, augmenting temperature problems, causing discomfort, and even altering and wearing down the leather and other components. If your boots do absorb moisture, then you will have to dry them as soon as possible.

In order to decrease the effect of moisture, you have to apply animal grease over the leather. In such a way, the leather becomes less permeable and more flexible.

Trepando por el Glaciar del Cerro Bolsón, Chubut.
Snow is harmful for leather, so take it off your boots
after crossing snowy terrain, such as this glacier in Patagonia.

At The Gea Org we often replace the shoelaces provided for others made out of parachute cords.

These special cords are cut into standard lengths and thus also become useful for other tasks such as securing external cargo on backpacks, constructing shelters, etc."

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