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"Boots with zippers are not very useful during long expeditions because it is generally more difficult to repair them than their laced counterparts.

In tropical regions, some special models made out of canvas and a little bit of leather can be used, and while these models are not waterproof, they are lighter and fresher than more traditional variants.

Some models carry an interior liner made out of Thinsulate and special soles with various kinds of drawings in order to increase there effectiveness, minimise mud adherence, etc.

Los bosques de lengas del Cerro Bolsón, Chubut.
Going thorough trails is a typical
situation where you would use boots.

During the Vietnam conflict, a special kind of jungle boots was developed. Its sole left a mark similar to a footprint similar in size to those found by the inhabitants of Indochina, who have a feet-size somewhat smaller than Caucasian individuals.

The idea was to lure Vietcong fighters and North Vietnamese soldiers into believing that the footprints left by U.S Special Forces had been made by locals passing thorough their trails."

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