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"It is not known how effective these experiments proved to be, because albeit such 'footprints' seem like true ones, they don't deceive experienced eyes, and guerrilla fighters are usually well-seasoned in such matters.

The best military boots are arguably those made for the Argentine Army. With extremely strong soles, reinforced leather and other details, these boots last four to five times longer than other comparable products, such as U.S. or British Army boots.

These argentine boots even allow soldiers to cross water streams without allowing water to moisten their socks, and when combined with Gore-Tex® socks or gaiters, they become almost totally waterproof, avoiding long-term exposure problems such as trench feet.

Practicando rappel cerca del Lago Los Rizos, Chubut.
In order to avoid tearing your pants
place them inside your boots like in this picture.

At prices similar to those of lower quality boots, purchasing these models is quite a bargain, and highly recommended.

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