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Photography advice: redundant equipment (I).

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After months of planning and an investment of thousands, a Russian Mi-8 helicopter finally left you somewhere on the Putorana plateau, in the Siberian arctic.

Your colleagues will come back to get you in forty days and you, taking advantage of the brief summer, want to spend your weeks there taking some pictures of the landscape and local fauna.

Suddenly, a bunch of Ovis nivicola borealis, the exceedingly rare snow sheep, cross before your eyes. You take hold of your camera and run after them. The sheep, scared, run even more but you insist on your pursue.

Suddenly, a pebble plays a practical joke in the drama and you fall and roll down a volcanic slope while you hear your gear crashing against everything.

You finally stop. The sheep are gazing down to you. They seem perplexed; and you think that, somehow, they are laughing.

As the dust flies with the wind, you catch your camera forgetting about your bruises and other minor things. You focus your camera and prepare to press the magic button, but then, your camera says no. You try again, but your camera says nyet again. It's broken.

In a rush, your eyes search for your camera bag; you are desperate for your toolkit, but then, you realise that it is gone down the Kotuy river, along with most of your gear.

A campfire in Patagonia.
Cleaning your photography gear every day is a must.
You can do so during rests, while cooking, etc.

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