P. Edronkin

Photography advice: redundant equipment (II).

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The sheep get bored and contemptuously abandon the area and your life, and as you watch them disappear over a hilltop, you wish you had brought a ten-dollar disposable camera with you instead of your expensive collection.

This story repeats itself all the time among photographers, tourists, explorers and nature lovers. A malfunction in an important component of your video or photography gear can render everything useless.

The loss or lack of spare parts, batteries, etc. is quite a common occurrence under such circumstances. In civilized spots and areas, it does not constitute a serious problem, but if you are standing where the Devil lost his poncho, things may be different.

As we always do at The Gea Org. We advise you to emulate concepts or ideas which have proven to be effective in any area and adapt them to your activities. Chances are that they will work as well; we should bet on the numbers than nature demonstrates that are winners. Gaudí made more than a reputation on that.

In this case, let us see an example in nature itself, already copied by engineers who design bullet-proof machines.

We have two lungs, two eyes, two ears, and many of our internal organs come in pairs. The reason behind this redundancy is simple: it improves survivability.

Bad weather at Mount Bolsón.
You should also protect your gear from bad weather,
rain, snow, dust, toxic agents, etc.

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