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Photography advice: redundant equipment (III).

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Before starting any expedition, you should consider carefully which elements or factors would eventually determine your success or failure, and if possible, provide yourself with enough backups, spare parts, etc. in order to increase your likelihood of success.

For instance, in the case of photo and video equipment, some items like lenses, some extra film or tape, batteries, and even a secondary camera, will save you from some unpleasant surprises, whether you are standing on the argentine Puna or in Siberia.

Always remember that nature is wise and never wastes resources. If we are provided with duplicate organs, there is a really good, solid reason behind that fact; don't make a bet that nature decided against hundreds of millions of years ago. That losers' bet would turn you into a loser.

In the same token, if you carry redundant equipment, you will make sure that the next time those sheep come into your way, they will not walk away laughing.

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