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Trekking advice: a way to properly dispose of your litter (II).

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3)- If there is time to discard your garbage properly, burn all biodegradable things, including metallic cans in order to accelerate decomposition, but take care not to burn or leave non-degradable items behind. These things should be taken back with you to civilization.

Never knowingly abandon toxic substances or waste, ammunition, aerosols, flammable products or any other thing that may accidentally contaminate, poison or destroy other people, the surrounding environment, etc.

After burning-down all litter, dig a deep hole in the ground and bury the remains. Take care to do so away from your camp place, not only for hygienic reasons, but to avoid the appearance of animals that could poise a health hazard to you or other trekkers.

Moreover: even small animals could eventually dig and take out the remains of your garbage, turning the campsite into a sore and unusable view and an infectious source.

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A stop during a trek near Rio Azul, in Patagonia.
Take care to collect all your belongings and litter after stopping
to rest along the way. Look around and pick up everything.

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