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Trekking advice: how to purchase your next tent (I).

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If you are planning to purchase a tent, you should observe the following:

1)- Don't delude yourself with prices much too low. Aside from exceptions, tents which are much too inexpensive are not good or lack seriously in their quality or manufacture. Cheap tents end up being costly.

1.1)- Fabrics employed in inexpensive models neither waterproof nor breathable, and are generally not fire-resistant or retardant.

1.2)- Finishing and details are incomplete. Critical points are neither finished with waterproof sealants nor protected from raindrops and humidity. If you can see loose fibres, uncovered or non-sealed stitches, etc. then you can be sure that water will penetrate inside.

1.3)- Rigid materials and parts on inexpensive tents tend to be relatively fragile, and since you many find it hard to fond spares later, then if a fiberglass rod or aluminium tube breaks, you will have your tent effectively out of active duty.

1.4)- Interior space on cheap tents is usually very limited. In reality, a three-person tent is useful only for two individuals and their basic gear such as cameras, personal documentation, clothing, and the like.

1.5)- Choose only models that sport a resistant, waterproof floor. Ripstop fabrics are the best.

A tent supplemented with a poncho.
You can supplement your tent with a poncho for an added
rainproof effect or to provide a fresh shadow.

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