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Trekking advice: how to purchase your next tent (II).

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2)- Purchase only the kind of tent that you really need. Don't buy a model designed for Antarctica if you just want to go fishing on weekends. In that case, you would be spending a lot of money on a product which is bulky and will not be fully-functional for your needs.

3)- Look at your own size: if you are taller than 1,75 m, you may have trouble accommodating your body inside the tent, since most models are made thinking only in average-sized individuals. If this is your case, look for a model with some extra space.

4)- Simple designs are always preferable, especially if you plan to visit mountainous regions, or places where weather becomes a major factor. You should be able to put up your tent in no more than ten minutes. Certainly, you will not be able to achieve this with a complicated model at night and while it is raining or snowing.

5)- Always purchase a model with some extra capacity. If you are looking after a two-person model, you should really choose on for three individuals. Tents can last for ten years or more, and you cannot possibly know what kind of uses you would like to give it in the future.

6)- Always consider that buying a tent, as in the case of any expensive piece of equipment is to make an investment, and not really spending. Don't think that and ostensible desire to save money should be your only guide in this regard.

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