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Trekking advice: your new sleeping bag (I).

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As in the case of tents, a sleeping bag constitutes a significant investmet. Good sleeping bags are expensive, and considering that they may last for many years, it is convenient to think about the issue before purchasing one.

In order to use a sleeping bag in the best possible way, it is necessary to conceive it as a system composed by three elements:

1)- The sleeping bag itself.

2)- An isolating mat.

3)- A sleeping bag cover.

The mat has a double function: in the first place, it increases your primitive comfort, and in the second place, it isolates you from the soil, so that there is less caloric transmission and you feel less cold.

Bag covers are usually rainproof and breathable. The idea is to protect the sleeping bag from rain, snow, dew and environmental humidity, and also serves a similar function regarding the atmosphere. Usually made out of fabrics like Gore Tex, good covers can increase the overall effectiveness of you sleeping bag around 40%, but the bad news about them is that they can cost as much as the bag itself.

Combining these three elements, you will obtain a top-quality kind of equipment which is at the same time, more versatile than one composed just by one piece of gear, because by putting on or taking off the cover, you will be able to prepare your bag to resist lower or higher temperatures, according to your needs at the moment

Prepare your backpack and items like your sleeping bag before departing.
Adjust your big items to your backpack carefully before
departing, including your sleeping bag and isolating mat.

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