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Trekking advice: your new sleeping bag (III).

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On the other hand, hollowfill requires less care. It is a product presented as fibres that imitate the natural characteristics of deer's hairs, which are hollow and thus protect the animal from the crude environment where it lives by forming an isolating coat or layer.

In general, sleeping bags with other fillings are not so good as these, but they may become useful in template and warm regions.

There are basically two kinds of sleeping bags according to their form:

1)- Mummy-shaped.

2)- Rectangular.

What you will use depends much on your tastes, but the first is preferred among professional climbers and explorers because albeit it allows for less movement inside it, they are lighter and occupy less space. The latter ones are more flexible and allow more movement, and are best suited for general use or when you expect body changes to take place, such as during growth or pregnancy.

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Sleeping bags and delicate items should be placed on top.
Sleeping bags and delicate items should be placed on top of your
backpack in order to minimise the risk of damaging them.

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