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Trekking advice: about your adventure clothes (I).

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An important matter related to expeditions and adventure travel is that of the kind of clothing that should be used under such circumstances.

Albeit this matter is indeed related to every person's tastes, there are certain factors that should be considered in all cases:

1)- Such clothes should be very resistant.

2)- They should be inexpensive.

3)- They should not be flamboyant or flashy.

The first concept is related to the fact that during any wilderness trip clothes suffer a lot of abrasion, cuts and damages that usually destroy regular clothes. The fact that these clothes should be inexpensive is related to that fact too: you should not miss your adventure clothes if they do get destroyed. If you take with you expensive apparel, you will simply waste your money.

On the other hand, if your clothes transform you in some sort of walking billboard. There is no intrinsic problem with this, but you should consider the customs and traditions of the region that you are visiting. Local inhabitants may feel offended by your attitude, so dress conservatively if in doubt.

Indeed, there are some exceptions to this rule: mountain climbers usually use very noticeable clothes in terms of design and colours, but this is related to a specific need, which is to be found easily in the advent of an emergency, and to the fact that they work usually far away from inhabited spots.

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