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Trekking advice: about your adventure clothes (II).

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You should also consider the capability to maintain your body temperature. Each one of your clothes has a certain 'warm-keeping capability' or W factor, and this is of course, an important characteristic whether you are planning to visit polar regions or the equator.

The specific WM of each garment is related to the way in which it conserves your body temperature. If a garment has a high W factor, then it is suitable for cold areas, but not for the tropic. In this last case, you would choose clothes with a low W factor. Each piece of clothing has a W value.

An efficient way to augment or diminish the W factor of your gear in overall terms is to acquire clothes for trekking that can be used in layers. Each layer should be relatively light in terms of its W value; the combination of these layers is what increases or decreases significantly its W factor.

Body warmth is maintained essentially in the following ways:

1)- Preventing that your body energy is irradiated to the environment, or at least diminishing this physical process. In order to allow this, you should generate an isolating layer of air, which is what works in the case of wool, duvet hollowfill and similar products.

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