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Trekking advice: about your adventure clothes (IV).

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By creating a layer of air, in this case, a similar effect of isolation is produced, but in an inverse way. Thus, your skin is kept fresh despite the higher environmental temperatures and dehydration is kept under control.

In all cases, the external layer of clothing should be resistant, preferably of ripstop fabric or similar products in order to prevent that scratches, bumps and abrasion damages your essential or more expensive layers of clothes, as well as your own skin. Ripstop clothes are quite durable.

For example, if you are using interior clothing which is hydro-repellent in order to take off your sweat out of immediate contact with the skin, a warm layer of clothing and some kind of waterproof, breathable clothes such as Gore-Tex® fabric, you should add another layer in order to protect these last ones, which are usually fragile and expensive.

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