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On good and evil (II).

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Ms. Bonafini is the mother of two who were killed and disappeared during argentina's Dirty War (1975-1980). She became a world champion of human rights, and indeed surprised everyone with such a cruel and inhuman phrase, but if we bother to read a little more about her, we would understand a little more: in 1989, after a terrorist attack on an argentine military installation where many people died, she said that 'she would not even put a flower for a soldier.'

Some of those soldiers were draftees. At that time the Argentine army was still not a fully professional institution.

Then, some years later she publicly vindicated the Basque terrorist organisation ETA.

Now, she seem elated by what Osama Ben Laden did, because, in her own words, she 'hates USA.' So, this lady who was compared by some with Mother Teresa is now giving us lessons in hate.

There is an afghan proverb that says something like 'The enemies of my enemies are my friends.' So, it is easy to conclude that Ms. Bonafini is in reality a friend of our dear wise man Osama, malefactor of mankind, who is, in turn, a friend of the Talibans, and as far as I know, we can't say that these jolly good fellows respect even the notion of existence of any human right.

In other words, her own declamations makes Ms. Bonafini a staunch supporter of terrorism.

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