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On good and evil (III).

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I can't believe that Hebe de Bonafini does not know this fact, or the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I can't accept that she does not know what the Talibans are at in Afghanistan, and the proven fact that at the World Trade Center were even pregnant mothers whose unborn children couldn't be held accountable of any alleged crime committed by the U.S, our Western culture or humankind itself.

I have travelled a few times to the U.S., and what I saw there were human beings, not monsters. Therefore, either Ms. Bonafini has lost the plug or we must conclude that she has been playing delusional tricks with the world for more than 25 years, that she had taken advantage of the good intentions of people to pursue a second agenda, and that she has not been prudent enough to shut up at proper occasions.

This lady, and all those who think like her here in Argentina, in France, Afghanistan or Korea, are soulless individuals, for being herself a victim of the fact that one morning somebody decided that her children had to die, and never met them, she should now have something better than hate to the victims of a similar tragedy.

So, I have no other way to think but to conclude that in essence, she does not disagree with the methods applied to her own deceased sons, and her true nature is such that she is not mourning them or seeking justice, but taking advantage of their deaths in order to appear in front of the world as what she really is not.

In other words, for this woman who exudes hatred and dedicates her life to insult goodness and people, the deaths of her sons are not - cannot be - the grounds for true mourning and suffering but a pretext to make others listen to her.

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