Don Pablo Edronkin

NBC / WMD Survival tips: an introduction (II).

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Together, they are known as NBC agents, for their first letters. Whenever you hear or dear about this acronym, so should know that it refers to them. For example, NBC survival refers to all techniques and gear oriented towards surviving a scenario of dissemination of radiation, plagues and viral infections as well as poisonous gases and the like. NBC treaties refer to the storage, production and policies regarding such arsenals, and so on.

Of course, there are many ways in which such obnoxious things could be released into our environment, but in general terms, we can speak of:

1)- Natural dissemination.

2)- Involuntary human action.

3)- Warfare.

In the first case, we could count some cases of plague, Ebola and Hanta viruses, volcanic fumes and other NBC occurrences which have nothing to do with human intervention.

In the second case, an involuntary human action, such as a negligent attitude, human error or omission causes the problem. Most nuclear and some chemical contamination cases are due to this kind of actions. A derailed convoy carrying toxic cargo, a fire at an industrial plant, etc. are examples of this kind of dissemination.

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