Don Pablo Edronkin

NBC / WMD Survival tips: an introduction (IV).

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B kind of weapons are best used in closed spaces, where micro-organisms can enter bodies in sufficient numbers as to infect them. C class weapons are very effective in open spaces, an N devices are better at smashing infrastructure.

There are a number of possible countermeasures for such menaces. Most are only applicable by states, because they imply diplomatic, clandestine as well as open military action, but some should be consider at familiar and personal levels as well.

And now is perhaps the moment to tell you something that you may not like: don't trust your government 100% on this issue, not because of some conspiracy, but on the grounds that since NBC devices are mass-destruction weapons or items, in broader terms, in the event of such an attack or accident you and your beloved ones will become just case numbers by necessity.

In other words, despite all brave feats that military, rescue and police personnel have already performed in cases such as the incident at Chernobyl and the terrorist attack on the WTC, there is little that they can do when the victims are counted by thousands.

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