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Survival tips and advice: watch out for boobytraps (I).

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Sometimes it is better to stay at home, instead of attempting to travel thorough some regions of the world. In those places where armed conflicts, revolutions, riots and such events took place recently, it is better to act prudently.

The same is applicable to the case of areas that witnessed WMD or NBC events, that is, nuclear, biological or chemical contamination, be it accidental or intentional.

It has to be assumed that such areas have been and remain contaminated by toxic substances or hazardous devices such as boobytraps, landmines and unexploded ordnance.

On the other hand, in such areas, hijacks, ambushes and terrorist attacks may still be common, especially against tourists.

Thus, unless you absolutely have to visit such a place, better stay at home or go elsewhere.

Don't make a leap of faith on this. You should assume that except those areas, paths and trails that have been positively marked as 'disinfected', the remaining terrain hides potentially dangerous things that could be activated by human or animal presence.

Don't think that because some time has elapsed, unexploded ammunition or ordnance would eventually become harmless or safe to touch or manipulate. In fact, these things could explode due to any vibration or pressure. Don't play the Babylon Lottery with your own life.

In some regions of Afghanistan, Laos and Cambodia (Kampuchea), for every kilometer that you may walk in any direction, it is highly probable that you will pass at killing distance of at least three old warheads left there, and some of these may stay active for at least a century.

A boobytrap detonator.
A boobytrap detonator with an electrical fuse. These devices
could be engieered so as cause landslides, avalanches, etc.

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