P. Edronkin

Combat survival tips: unconventional warfare (II).

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These conflicts receive some kind of support and stimulus from various sectors, like political and religious organisations, and even neighbouring states.

There are many ways to fight the rebels, but in all cases the physical elimination of these forces because of the danger poised by their presence and the implementation of significant social changes in order to eliminate the causes seems to be the norm.

No unconventional conflict can cast long unless the weakest party enjoys very strong support and sympathy among a significant portion of the local population. This factor always provokes and important action in psychological terms by both sides trying to gain popularity among the populace.

In terms of what a casual visitor or traveller confronts, it is very important to remark that care is to be seriously taken with all words and ideas in this regard. Visitors should refrain from talking about these issues with locals without very good knowledge of the issues involved, or risk reprisals and intolerance.

If you are a foreigner and visit such an area, what you think will be of little consequence for those involved in the fight. Furthermore: certain citizenships, religious beliefs or even physical aspects not in concordance with the norm in that area could be enough to grant you a severe beating or perhaps something even worse.

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